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Electro-hydraulic Grabs

Electro - hydraulic grabs / grapples for scrap handling

Tam Celik has enlarged its product range of equipment by developing a new series of hydraulic grabs for various purposes.

Tam Celik scrap grabs are designed for use on hydraulic cranes which have been converted for scrap handling use. These grabs are ideal for handling larger volumes of prepared and unprepared scrap.

The environment where the grabs are working is extremely demanding, all of which cause an extra burden on the grab structure. In addition the grab design must take account of occasional swings, protect against the dropping of scrap.

Tam Celik Grabs division offers you the following specialities:

Custom-made electro - hydraulic grab designs with specific capacities available on customer´s demand

Applications of Tam Celik Grabs:
Scrap handling electro - hydraulic grabs.
Wood handling electro - hydraulic grabs.
Bulk material handling electro - hydraulic grabs.
Waste handling electro - hydraulic grabs.

The following pictures represent typical electro - hydraulic grab manufactured at Tam Celik. Contact us to see if we can meet your needs for electro - hydraulic grabs for scrap handling.

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